Starting your own Longarm Quilting and/or Embroidery business can be both rewarding and satisfying.  For most, you can start off working at your own pace and in your own home.  It's totally up to you on how fast you grow.  You want to do your business at a leisurely pace or you may want to be agressive and reep profits quickly.

Completely Quilted started in 2004 with Suzy buying her own Professional Longarm and quilting for others in her own home.  By 2006, her income from quilting had paid for the machine and she was an independant business woman bringing in net profit on every quilt.  By 2007, Completely Quilted opened its store on Grand  Avenue in Ponca City and Suzy continues to be successful in cashing in on the relatively small investment she made made 13 years ago. 

Completely Quilted expanded into Professional/Commercial sales of Bernina embroidery machines in 2014.  Doing both machine sales and embroidery in our store.  For those that purchased  machines from us, they appear to do very well, and we refer business to them on a regular basis.  Embriodry is done on our floor-model machine, and the income from embroidery on our floor-model has paid for the machine costs in just under one year.

Do you want to start your own Quilting or Embroidery business?  Do you want to be your own boss?  Do you want  to have the flexibility to work when you want to work?  Do you want to schedule your work time around your family time instead of working your family time around an employers needs?  These are the exact questions that started Completely Quilted, and for us we answered yes to each of the questions.   

The investment is small and the rewards are great.  Let us show you how easy it is to get started.

Completely Quilted is committed to service.  For embroidery, Nancy is fully certifiied on both sales and Technical.  For Longarm, Suzy and Paul are fully certifiied on both sales and Technical.   Completely Quilted is a Bernina Excellence Dealer for Professional/Commercial machines, software, and domestic machines.

There are many financing options available to allow you to ease into setting up your own business.  You choose, do you want small payments and a longer term, where you can get cash in your pocket on pace with the amount of work you do.  Or, do you want to eliminate debt quickly?  Would you rather lease the equipment or purchase? 

We recommend that  you consider "Red Thread Financial".  They are specific to this industry and understand how best to structure your start-up equipment and supplies purchase.

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